For more than 30 years, The Coatings Group has organised over 100 successful exhibitions and conference-led events around the world, firmly establishing a presence across the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions.

As well as the flagship Asia Pacific Coatings Show, held in rotation between Bangkok, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, The Coatings Group is the proud organiser of the internationally acclaimed Middle East Coatings Show, the only dedicated coatings event in this important region, held annually in rotation between Dubai and Cairo.

The Group also regularly holds events in countries such as Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Vietnam and South Africa, with plans to expand into the vital markets of Saudi Arabia and the Philippines, enabling companies to do business in both established and emerging markets throughout the world.

The exhibitions bring together the entire spectrum of the international coatings industry, from raw material suppliers to finished product, in a forum that encourages networking, business deals and the opportunity to learn more about current industry trends and innovations. As well as the exhibitions, The Coatings Group aims to support the industry in emerging markets by holding conferences that encourage the exchange of information, ideas and knowledge between participants, as well as the opportunity to do business.

The Coatings Group is also the publisher of the esteemed Polymers Paint Colour Journal (PPCJ), which has been a trusted source of information for more than 140 years, and Asia Pacific Coatings Journal (APCJ), the leading magazine for the coatings industry in the booming Asia market. As well as keeping readers informed of current news and events in the industry, they also further The Coatings Group’s aim to act as a fount of information for new innovations, research and trends and to encourage and enable discussions and collaboration.

Coatings is a multi-billion dollar industry that helps to protect, enhance and decorate virtually every surface in the world, whether that be in the construction, marine, automotive, shipping, furniture or packaging industries. The need for coatings is essential and the future of this dynamic industry is bright and constantly evolving at a fast pace. The Coatings Group is proud to be able to use its various platforms to further the business interests and knowledge-sharing abilities of its clients around the world.